Industrial Netting Solutions

A net can be used to catch objects in an almost unlimited number of ways. They can be simply and quickly installed into numerous applications from preventing alien objects entering into works systems to protecting goods, structures and personnel from falling objects.

Cylinder Sleeves

Protective Netting for Gas Cylinders is effective for protecting the gas cylinders during transportation and storage from wear & tear and enhances its life. Being soft, they act as a cushion and are effective compared to other conventional packaging material. Further these sleeves also enhances the appearance of cylinder.


► LPG Cylinder
► Fire Extinguisher
► CNG Cylin ders
► Oxygen Cylinders etc


Size :
100 – 200 mm
200 – 400 mm
350 mm – 525 mm

Protective Sleeves

Protective Sleeves are known for strength, flexibility & light weight which enables it to fit into any odd shaped surfaces. They act as a cushion and are effective when compared to other conventional packaging material like paper tubes, cardboards etc. These Sleeves prevent damages to engineering & glass products during transportation.


► Cutting Tools
► Automotive Parts
► Liquor Bottles
► Sanitary wares
► Gas Cylinder
► Air / Gas Filters


Size :
10 – 15 mm
15 – 30 mm
30 – 40 mm
40 – 50 mm
50 – 65 mm
65 – 80 mm
80 – 105 mm
105 – 130 mm
130 – 200 mm
200 – 400 mm

Glass Bottle Sleeves

bottle sleeves provide enhanced protection during transportation & storage of otherwise fragile glass bottles. The protective mesh sleeves fit perfectly over the bottles to reduce the risk of bottle and label damage. 


Liquor Bottle & Other Glass Bottles


Size : 65, 90 mm

Wind Breakage Net

Wind Break Net is a high strength extruded plastic fencing mesh designed to offer essential protection for chemical, clay processing industries, crops, nurseries & garden from destructive winds.


Width : 1.83 mtrs
Length : 25 mtrs

Cooler Net

Cooler net is manufactured using high quality material. Our quality, proven range of Rear Netting is widely used at the rear of outdoor unit of air conditioning units for protection purpose. Further, it is also used in Air cooler to stiffen the air cooling pad.


Air Condition outdoor unit
Desert Cooler


Width : 1, 1.2, 1.5 mtrs
Length : 25 mtrs
Shape : Square / Min Hexa